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The Young Einsteins Tuition Centre offers extra lessons for high school and primary school students in a technology enhanced environment.

Our methodology revolves around well prepared materials given to each student, detailed lessons on each topic within a particular subject as well as intensive test and examination revision.

Subjects Offered:

At Young Einsteins:

All students receive individual attention and there is often more than one tutor available for help in class.

Our lessons are conducted in a technology enhanced environment where the use of interactive white boards, laptops and projectors provide interactivity, colour and stimulation for learners.

Tuition is available for grades 5 to 12 in Mathematics, and for grades 10 to 12 in Physical Science, Accounting, English and Afrikaans.

Young Einsteins also offers the CAMI learning system from Grades 0 to 12. Click on our link for more info.

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